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  1. 天安门.几百年来曾是皇权的象征.后是政权的象征.这个作品从个体的角度反映中国几十年来的发展。中国的变化在于中国人的变化.几乎每一个有幸来到首都北京的中国人,穿着自认为体面的装束,在天安门这个不变的并具有特殊意义的背景下,透过留影,可以清楚的看到人的状态发生改变.无需去看这个国家,已知天翻地覆了.

    Tiananmen Square. For centuries it was a symbol of imperial power--afterwards, it became a symbol of state power. This work reflects the development of China over several decades through the perspective of individuals. China's transformation rests in the transformation of its people. Nearly every fortunate Chinese person has come to Beijing, the capital of China, worn their most dignified clothes, and in front of Tiananmen, this unchanging, especially significant background, taken a picture. Through this action and through these photographs we can clearly see the transformation of the Chinese person through the past several decades. There is no need to look at the country, its history is written on the faces of its pilgrims to Tiananmen.

    Size:  A 600 x 150 cm / Edition:  4

     B 480 x 120 cm / Edition:  6

          C 240 x  60 cm / Edition: 8